S.K Hazarika: Different Aspects

Leading Publisher

Leading publisher and printer. One of the pioneers of the Assamese book publishing industry and former President of All Assam Book Sellers & Publishers’ Association, adviser, All Assam Printers Association. Author, Compiler and Publisher of significant Assamese works.

Right from the time when he was in his early twenties Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has been actively taking forward his family legacy of book publication and printing. contributing immensely to Assamese book publishing industry and literature in general, he had established Chandrakanta Press Pvt. Ltd. in Guwahati in 1987. He had shifted his base to Guwahati two years earlier in 1985. He had a big dream of publishing a daily news paper. On 1st January 1988 he started publishing an Assamese News Paper named Natun Dainik. Natun Dainik had soon become a very popular news paper under the editorship of Chandra Prasad Sikia and later, Dr. Jatindra Kumar Borgohain. Dr. Sujya Kanta Hazarika himself took the editorship of the newspaper in 1993-94 and 1997-99.

As a publisher of news papers, Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika had introduced a few revolutionary concepts in Assamese news paper industry. He had introduced ‘Sandhya Batori’ and evening newspaper in 1989. ‘Chitra Sangbad’ a niche news paper dedicated  to cinema & cultural activities in 1990 and a sports news paper ‘Khel Sangbad’ in 1992. All of these were published under his own editorship. Apart from these four newspapers, he brought out a fortnightly magazine named ‘Bohniman’ from Dibrugarh while he was still a student. He had also published another magazine named ‘Pratidhwani’ with Dr. Bhupen Hazarika as the editor and himself as the Assistant Editor.

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has published thousands of valuable books under his publication and has also encouraged new authors. He himself has written and edited many valuable books. In order to preserve the legacy of Assamese literature he has also reprinted many old books which are considered immensely valuable.

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has written, compiled or edited a large number of books. Majority of these books are of immense academic and historical value. Some of his important works are-


‘Dr. William Carey, Atmaram Sarma Aru Asamiya Bhashar Pratham Chapa Grantha Dharmapustak’ (Dr. William Carey, Atmaram Sarma and the first Assamese Printed Book ‘Dharmapustak’) 2017:

‘Dharmapustak’ was the first Assamese printed book published by American Missionaries in 1813. It was the Assamese translation of the Bible done by Atmaram Sarma at the initiative of British Missionary Dr. William Carey.  Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has documented important aspects related to the publishing of the book which was a very significant event in the development of modern Assamese publishing industry as well as Assamese literature.

Asamor Jatiyo Sangeet Aru Itihaas (The State Anthem of Assam and Its History), 2016:

This research oriented book highlights the historical significance of ‘O Mur Aponar Desh’, the state anthem of Assam.

Anya Ek Dristikonere Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaroa (Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua  from A Different Perspective) 2019:

Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua, one of the stalwarts of Assamese literature and culture played a very significant role in the crusade against attempts to deprive Assamese language of its independent identity. His contribution to the field of literature and society is immense and Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika, through this 403 page book, Dr. Hazarika is trying to explore some lesser highlighted yet significant aspects of Bezbarua’s persona and his contribution to Assamese society and culture.

Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaruar Sangbadikota (Sahityrathi Lakshminath Bezbarua’s Journalism) 2021:

Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua was one of the stalwarts of Assamese literature and language. He was one of the pioneers of the struggle for the identity of Assamese language. Apart from his role in literature and culture, he was also one of the pioneers in Assamese journalism. Bezbarua gave birth to a new era in Assamese literature and journalism as the editor of newspapers ‘Jonaki’ and ‘Bahi’. These magazines, in fact, were the platforms that nourished and catapulted many Assamese authors and journalists who became famous later. Dr. Surjya Hazarika explores these aspects of Bezbarua in this book.

Unabingsha Satikat Prakashita Asomar Grantha Itihas (The history of  Books on Assam Printed and Published during 19th Century from different Places of Assam, India and Abroad):

This well researched and well documented book is definitely a treasure of Assamese literature and academia. Apart from books on literature, culture, history & heritage etc. Dr. Hazarika has also covered the books on geography, mathematics, dictionaries and even school textbooks published in the period between 1801 to 1900. The book encompasses the detailed description of the process of making blocks for Assamese printing press and historical facts related to the setting up of the printing press in Assam. This book is  a valuable historical document related to evolution of Assamese printing and publishing industry also.

Bhupendar Xoite Xannidhyar Kisu Mitha Sowaran (Sweet Reminiscence of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s Association) 2022:

This coffee table book, which includes many rare photographs, highlights the moments of interactions between Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika during their 40 years long association.

Other books-

Spiritual/Religious books edited by Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika

  • Kirtan Ghosha Aru Naam Ghosha (Kirtan Ghosha & Naam Ghosha) 2003
  • Chari Shastra (Four scriptures- Kirtan Ghosha, Naam Ghosha, Bhakti Ratnavali and Dasam together) 2006
  • Sri Madbhagawat ( complete Bhagawat with introduction) , 2014
  • Srimanta Sankaradeva Bakyamrit (Complete works of Srimanta Sankaradeva), 2014
  • Sri Sri Madbhabdev Bakyamrit (Complete works of Sri Sri Madhabdeva), 2015
  • Sachitra Kirtan Ghosha(Illustrated Manuscript of Kirtan Ghosa), 2016
  • Sachitra Bhakti Ratnavali(Illustrated Manuscript of Bhakti Ratnavali), 2016
  • Sachitra Srimad-Bhagawat ( 8th chapter)(Illustrated Manuscript of Srimad-Bhagawata), 2016
  • Sachitra Srimad-Bhagawat ( 11th Chapter)(Illustrated Manuscript of Srimad-Bhagawata), 2016
  • Sachitra Banamalideva Charit,(Illustrated Manuscript of Banamalideva Charit), 2016
  • Chitra Bhagawat, (Illustrated Manuscript of Bhagawat),2017
  • Sachitra Kirtan Ghosha,(Illustrated Manuscript of Kirtan Ghosa), Kathbapu Satra Edition,2022
  • Sachitra Kirtan Ghosha,(Illustrated Manuscript of Kirtan Ghosa), Na-Burka Satra Edition,2022
  • Sachitra Kirtan Ghosha , (Illustrated Manuscript of Kirtan Ghosa), British Museum Edition, 2022
  • Sachitra Aadi Dasam,(Illustrated Manuscript of Srimad-Bhagavat’s 10th Canto),2022
  • Parijat Haran Naat, 2017
  • Ram Vijay Naat, 2018
  • Keligopal Naat, 2019
  • Saptakanda Ramayan, 2022
Compiled & Edited Books on various topics
  • Bhupen Hazarikar Geet Samagra (Songs of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika), 1993
  • Adhunik Asamiya Biswakosh, 1994
  • Rasaraj Lakhsminath Bezbaruar Sishu Sahitya Sambhar, 2006
  • Books From Assam ( An introductory catalogue of 68 Assamese Books), 2006
  • Sahityacharya Atul Chandra Hazarika Sishu Sahitya Sambhar ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd volume) 2007
  • Bhupen Hazarika Rchanawali ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd volume), 2008
  • Bhinnojonor Drsitit Bishnuprasad Rabha ( Compilation of more than 200 articles), 2008
  • Moi Eti Jajabor ( Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s Transcripted Autobiography) 2008
  • Dharmapustak (Reprint of the first Assamese book printed in 1813), 2012
  • A Catalogue of Manuscripts Preserved at The Srimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra, 2018
  • The Wandering Minstrel Dr. Bhupen Hazarika: A Jewel in the Crown of the Nation
Magazines Edited
  • Asam Sahitya Sabha Sangbad, 1993
  • Asam Sahitya Sabha Patrika, 2003
  • Jyotirupa (Handwritten magazine edited during his student life), 1976-77
  • Pratidhwani, (Associated Editor for the magazine edited by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika), 1985-90
Souvenirs Edited
  • Souvenir of Assamese Film Festival held in Dibrugarh, 1980
  • Souvenir of the presentation ceremony of the Assam Ratna award given to Dr. Bhupen Hazaika by Government of Assam
  • Souvenir of Srimanta Sankaradeva International Festival, 2016
  • Souvenir to mark the 20th anniversary of the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra, 2019
  • Souvenir of Guwahati Literary Festival, 2012
Newspapers & magazines edited
  • Natun Dainik, editor (1993-94, 1997-98), total 3 years
  • Sandhya Batori, Editor- (1989-96), 8 years
  • Chitra Sangbad, Editor, (1990-2000), 11 years
  • Khel Sangbad, Editor, (fortnightly sports news paper in Assamese), 1 year
  • Bahniman, editor ( fortnightly newspaper) 1978-79, 2 years
  • Byabaharik Asamiya Abhidhan- Dr. Basanta Kumar Goswami
  • Biparitarthak Sabdar Abhidhan- Dr. Basanta Kumar Goswami

Trendsetter in Assamese Print Media

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has been a trendsetter in the Assamese print media. in 1988 he published Notun Dainik, a daily newspaper with a new style and soon it became popular among the masses. In the same year he also published, for the first time in Assam, an evening newspaper named Sandhya Batori as well as two niche newspapers Chitra Sangbad and Khel Sangbad dedicated to arts and cinema and sports respectively.

Producer/Director & Actor

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has produced & directed many TV serials, documentaries in Assamese, Hindi & English and has acted in several serials, movies, plays etc. Assamese TV serial ‘Brikodar Baruar Biya’, produced and directed by Dr. Hazarika was one of the most super hit and iconic Assamese TV serials of all times. It was telecast on Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati.

9 TV Serials, 18 documentaries, 1 telefilm and has assisted in the direction of a national documentary on Assam Floods and TV serial named ‘Bor Luitor Pare Pare’. Apart from that he has also acted in several TV serials, radio and stage plays as well as movies.

TV Serials

  • Brikodar Baruar Biya
  • Nirmal Bhakat
  • Ananya Prantar
  • Noi Boi Jai
  • Tore More Alokore Jatra
  • Moharothi
  • Dhanya Nara Tanu Bhal


Research based-
  • Siro Senehi Mur Bhasha Janani
  • Srimanta Shankardev Aru Brindabani Bastra
  • Asam Rtana Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
  • Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua
  • Rupantarar Silpi Jyotiprasad
  • Bihangam Dristit Bishnuprasad Rabha
  • Bihangam Dristit Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
  • Dr. Bhupen Hazarika: A Living Legend
  • Syed Abdul Malik: Ek Byaktigata Sannidhyar Madhur Sowaran
  • Jyotiprasad: A Legend of The North-East
  • Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha



Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika at Sahitya Sabha

A Life Member of the Asam Sahitya Sabha, (Reg No- 1279) and Patron Member (Reg no- 203). Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika was only twenty when his association with Asom Sahitya Sabha started. Since then he he has been an active member of the Asom Sahitya Sabha. In 1980 he had taken the responsibility of Assiatnt Secretary of Dibrugarh Sahitya Sabha. He had also edited the news paper ‘Asom Sahitya Sabha Sangbad’ published by the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1993. In 2012-14 he was a member of the Executive Committe of the Asom Sahitya Sabha and in 2014-19 he was an invited member of the Central Executive.

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika As An Explorer Of Heritage

Dr. Sujya Kanta Hazarika has been an avid explorer of Assamese heritage. He has traveled to London, France, Wales, Philadelphia and many other places to explore the trail of the ‘Vrindavani Vastra’ , an iconic creation of the 15th century social reformer and spiritual teacher from Assam Srimanta Shankardev.

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika The Researcher

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has taken up many important research projects which have tremendous impact on the Assamese academia. In 2021. he got PhD for his thesis, ‘Publication of Assam related books in the 19th century: A survey.’ This thesis has been published as a book and is a valuable treasure of information for those who study the history of Assamese literature and language. Apart from this, he has written many research oriented books and delivered hundreds of scholarly lectures across India and abroad. One of the most important lectures is the one delivered on the state anthem of Assam ‘O Mur Apunar Desh’ at Dergaon conference of the Asom Sahitya Sabha in 2011.

In Association with Stalwarts

From a very young age Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has had the privilege to be associated with stalwarts from various fields. One of the most significant icons he had been associated with was undoubtedly Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Apart from Dr. Bhuepn Hazarika he had the privilege to be associated with or meet national and international icons including economists, scientists, cultural icons, authors and leaders. All these associations has helped him shape a better world view and a global outlook which is beneficial for Assam and Assamese cultural identity.

Connecting Assam to The World

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika believes in promoting Assamese culture and literature throughout the world as well as learning about new trends around the globe and introducing them in Assam. He has traveled to many countries all over the world and has tried to work diligently as a bridge between Assam and the rest of the world. Apart from delivering scholarly and informative lectures on many platforms around the world to promote Assamese culture and literature, he has also picked up modern trends in printing, publishing as well as research and has done his best to introduce those trends in Assam.

Lyricist Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika

As a lyricist/composer, Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has contributed significantly to the world of Assamese music. In 1987 he became an approved lyricist for Dibrugarh radio centre. He has written and composed songs for various audio albums, TV serials, movies and documentaries. ‘Brikodar Baruar Biya’, ‘Tore More Alukore Jatra’, ‘Ananya PRantar’, ‘Bahutwar Majot Ekotwo’, ‘Ghor Sangsar’, ‘Merpak’, ‘Rup Konwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala’, ‘Rupantarar Silpi Jyotiprasad’ , ‘Jyotiprasad: A Legend of the Northeast (English)’ etc. are some of the TV serials for which he wrote songs. He has several audio albums to his credit. Most significant among these are- ‘Shrabya Safura’, ‘Asta Mukuta (Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika’s lyrics and Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s composition & vocals), ‘Bor Luit’, ‘Jyoti Prasad’, ‘Harinam Loboloi (devotional)’, ‘Dholor Sewe Sewe ( Bihu)’, ‘Adhyatmik Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’ and ‘O Mur Aponar Desh’.

Involvement With Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra

Dr. Sujya Kanta Hazarika has been associated with the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra in various capacities and has contributed immensely to the organisation and to Assam. As the Vice President of Srimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra from 2015-2019 he took some important initiatives. Apart from inititatives like establishment of Srimanta Shankardev Museum, Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua Museum, Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Museum (extended), Manuscript Gallery etc, he also took initiatives like publication of ancient manuscripts, publication of souvenir of Srimanta Shankardev International Festival, Translation and publication of Parijat Haran by Srimanta Shankardev into English and French languages along with the original Brajawali language, publication of Srimanta Shankardev’s Ram Bijay play in original Brajawali and Spanish,  and English, Publication of ‘Keli Gopal’ by Srimanta Shankardev in English and original Brajawali language. Anothe rmajor initiative he took was organisation of Srimanta Sankaradeva International Festival for four consecutive years from 2016 to 1019.


Involvement With Various Organisations

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has been associated with many cultural and academic organisations. The most prominent ones are-

  • President, All Assam Book Publishers and Printers Association
  • Vice President, Srimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra


Awards & Recognisions

Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika has received various awards & recognition at the regional, national and international level. The most prominent among them are-

  • Padmashri, 2008
  • Achievement of Excellence Award, England, 2010
  • Felicitation by Bangladesh Shilpo Kala Academi, 2018
  • Rising Personality of India, New Delhi, 2008
  • Felicitation by National Institute of Advanced Studies, New Delhi, 2008
  • National Acedmy Award, 2010
  • Oitijyo Sandhani Title, 2011
  • Saraswat Sadhak Title, 2021