Late Chandrakanta Hazarika
Late Chandrakanta Hazarika, father of Dr. Surjya Kanta Hazarika, was a teacher and pioneer of publishing.
Late Labanya Hazarika
Late Labanya Hazarika was instrumental in shaping the cultured and refined tastes of her children.
Dr. Eva Hazarika
Dr. Eva Hazarika, is a scholar, author and poet who has many books to her credit.
Sudipta Shankar Hazarika
Eldest Son
Sudipta Shankar Hazarika has a Post Graduate Degree in 'Business Analysis & Strategic Management' from Manchester University in UK.
Aditya Shankar Hazarika
Second Son
Aditya Shankar Hazarika has a Post Graduate Degree in 'International Relations' from London School of Economics.
Udipta Shankar Hazarika
Youngest Son
Udipta Shankar has a Post Graduate degree in commerce from Amity University in Delhi.